General Manager

Corporate Dev. & Engineering, M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co. LLC.

A hands-on professional with over 30 years of practice in management, design & development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance. He is a Mechanical, Marine Engineer and Alumni of Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Building Commissioning Professional, and a Qualified Trainer for Pumping System Optimization (Hydraulic Institute-USA) and for Certified Energy Manager Training Program(AEE-USA) and recipient of Legend in Energy -2010 award.An ardent believer of Appropriate Technology, Soft Path Approach and conviction to make Sustainability Profitable. He was lead in pioneering the first commercial Windmill, Concentrated Solar Powered Steam Engine, Vapuor Absorption Refrigerator and Computer Simulation Programs for the Air Conditioning systems and Heat Load Calculations. Passionate about Effective Energy Generation and Utilisation, System Optimisation and Innovation with conviction to establish. He was behind the ground breaking TriGen ideas like introducing Back Pressure Turbines, 350 kW Gen-set powered through the Bio-gas from the Effluent Treatment and 300 RT Vapor Absorption Chiller powered with the exhaust. He is the Secretary of the Emirates Green Building Council. Sarfraz is working with MAHY Khoory & Co. LLC, Dubai, as the General Manager- Corporate Development & Engineering.