Dr Jagannathan is well known in the industry as an expert on sustainability and energy matters and has more than 25 years of professional experience in this domain with a specific focus on Policies and Regulations.  

As Sustainability Head at Trakhees a Regulatory authority in Dubai, he has designed, developed and administered major policy tools surrounding Energy efficiency, Green building code and Certification and in addition established a robust infrastructure for their implementation. He was an active working group member in several of  Emirate’s strategic programs including 2040 Master plan, Dubai Code unification, Building Energy labelling, DSM and Building energy intensity. He further spearheaded the design and development of a unique green building certification system.
Dr Jagannathan has  participated  as speaker in numerous forums to discuss key topics including  Energy efficiency,  Green buildings, Decarbonization, Climate change, Net zero, and Green cities. He believes the global race towards net zero poses  the greatest challenge that requires a high level of conceptual understanding of the current energy systems, available technologies, synergies and just transition pathways so as to deliver a true and sustainable net zero